About These Projects

Cisco Consumer Micro-site - The assignment was to create a micro-site with 3 focus points: Home Networking, Flip, and Set-top Boxes. The design was to be sleek and futuristic. Additionally, metrics were tracked to measure how consumers responded to this design style and layout.

Cisco Sporting Event Micro-site - The Cisco Video business unit used a third-party site to run a video contest, and the site needed a Cisco-branded skin. I designed the skin and added the video widget to the page.

Cisco Connected Home TV Interface - This digital solution entailed designing a sleek set-top box interface enabling users to quickly add favorites and quickly access important items like weather, traffic and home control systems. This system was built using Adobe Flash and used as a demo at major industry trade shows.

Cisco Marketing Ad – As part of the global Cisco "Together" campaign, I created an ad for an industry- leading service provider magazine pullout poster and billboard, incorporating the latest Cisco brand style and elements.

  • Client: Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Skills: UX, HTML, CSS, CMS language, Web design, Project Management, Javascript, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash

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